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  • v bearing

v bearings

1. v bearings The shampoo making machine equipment adopts single-direction or double-direction wall scraping blending and frequency conversion speed adjustment to satisfy different technological requirements.
2. Materials can be heated or cooled according to technological requirements

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Product Description:

v bearings This Pt100 RTD sensor is insulated with fluoropolymer  ( PFA) on both probe and wire. It is suitable for measuring temperature in corrosive  solution such as saline, strong acid, caustic solutions as well as in the electroplating bath. Both the probe and the cable can be immersed for continuous operation. The probe and cable are flexible.


Accuracy Class A. +/-0.15C at 0.0 CAlpha0.00385Housing of the probe4.0 mm diameter x 50 mm longCableThree wires. 6 ft (2 meters) long PFA insulation wireMaximum working temperature< 250C (480F)