Reasonable suggestion on processing technology of bearings ring

Bearings ring is a large part of the bearing, its processing is divided into two aspects of the inner ring and outer ring. In order to improve the processing quality of the bearing ring, the effective wall thickness of the inner and outer ring should be increased as much as possible, and the heat treatment deformation caused by the ring quenching and tempering is also reduced.


In the whole process of bearing ring, the strong rigidity should always be kept in order to prevent the deformation of the ring in the process of subsequent processing; it is suggested that the multi cycle grinding method should be adopted, which will help to improve the geometric precision of the bearing ring processing.


In order to achieve the above objectives, the process of trench can be not carried out in and out of the bearing ring temporarily, in order to increase the minimum wall thickness; at the same time, the way of increasing belt and reinforcing rings can be adopted to improve the thickness of the ring wall, so as to achieve the purpose of indirectly raising the rigidity of the ring.


When the bearing ring enters the grinding process after the quenching and tempering, the two cycle of the initial and final grinding should be carried out. At the same time, an additional tempering should be carried out between the initial and final grinding cycles. Not only that, but also after the final finishing of the bearing ring, the reinforcing ring will be cut off with the thin grinding wheel to ensure the geometric accuracy of the bearing ring.


The bearing rings which have been processed must be strictly tested to ensure that their shape, size, specification, surface quality and so on are all met the requirements, and can be judged as qualified products, and then can be used in various bearings.