What kind of lubrication and lubrication is the single row bearings?

Lubrication system is the supporting device of bearing, because the bearing operation process is not the lubricating oil, and lubrication of the bearings of the lubrication, mainly depends on the type of bearing and the design performance of the bearing components. How to lubricate like a single row bearing?


In the past, when the single row bearing needs lubrication, the lubricating oil is inflow from the side, and the nozzle hole and bearing inner ring of the lubricating oil are kept at the same height, but the lubricating oil can not be added directly to the ball bearing gasket, otherwise the use of the single row bearing will have a bad effect.


When adding lubricating oil to a single row of bearings, it is necessary to ensure that the lubricating oil is not directly in the outer ring position between the closed area and the ball, otherwise it is easy to reverse, and can not make the bearing fully lubricated, and may even cause damage.


The lubrication of single row bearings also includes the amount and speed of the lubricating oil, so as to ensure the lubrication of the system as far as possible, and to reduce the waste of the lubricating oil. When oil and natural gas are used as lubricating oils, they are usually disposable and not recycled.


Therefore, it is necessary to control the oil and natural gas of the lubrication point of single row bearings accurately, so as to ensure the ideal lubrication state. In addition, the compressed air, low heat, high speed and so on will also affect the lubricating oil, so to ensure that the lubricating oil is aging, will not burn, in this case, as long as regular replacement is possible