Comparison between stainless steel bearings and alumina ceramic bearing

Many kinds of bearings are distinguished according to the different materials, such as steel bearings and ceramic bearings. Obviously, these are two very different bearing products. Their differences are not only embodied in material, but also in the performance aspect.

And usually, we can’t blindly say which steel bearings and ceramic bearings are better, because they have their own advantages. From some point of view, it may be that the ceramic bearing is more advantageous than the steel bearing. In the other hand, the steel bearing is better than the ceramic bearing, and the key depends on the reality. The application conditions.

The steel bearing or the ceramic bearing can be subdivided into many different categories. If the alumina ceramic bearing is compared with the steel bearing, it is obviously more useful than the steel bearing, and can be used for higher temperature and higher limit speed.

Not only that, compared with the steel bearing, the alumina ceramic bearing has the function of oil free and self lubrication, so its anti bite resistance can be well, more suitable for the precise occasion, and can meet some special occasions where the temperature will change.

In addition, the alumina ceramic bearing also can meet the conditions of chemical corrosion and magnetic applications, because it has better corrosion resistance and anti-interference, and can avoid the interference of adverse factors in the situation, and steel bearings can not do this.