There are various types of stainless steel bearings , but sometimes it is customary to use roller stainless steel bearings bearings, mainly because the needle roller bearings are more obvious than other bearings. It should be noted that although the roller bearing itself is excellent, it must be properly installed to give full play to its effectiveness.

Compared with other bearings, the friction of the needle roller bearing is much smaller. The test proves that the friction coefficient of the other bearings is not less than 0.08, but the friction coefficient of the needle roller bearing is not more than 0.05. Secondly, as the needle roller bearing is mass production, so its components have been standardized, so that it is more conducive to the purchase and after-sales maintenance.

In comparison, the material used for needle roller bearings is no longer expensive nonferrous metals, but the heat treated steel is used to improve the performance and service life of the needle roller bearings, and the price has also been reduced, breaking through the limitations of the past.

stainless steel bearings

In addition, the heating amount of the needle roller bearing has been reduced much more than before, so the use of lubricating oil is also less, in a way not only save and save money. All these advantages have further expanded the application scope of needle roller bearings.

When installing the needle roller bearing, you can put some lubricating oil on the exterior of the auxiliary sleeve of the bearing outer ring, and there will be a certain hole in the middle of the sleeve, then the roller is installed in the hole, and then the auxiliary sleeve will be removed.

The process of applying lubricating oil is to make the installation of needle rollers easier, and when the auxiliary sleeve is introduced, it will save more effort. More attention should be paid to the installation of the last four pin needles, retaining the space of about 0.5 millimeters, so that needle roller bearings can operate flexibly.